Atelier Maracuja - artist Athena van Dongen



artist statement

I was brought up on a mediterranean island amongst orange groves and ancient ruins. The light is different there. Colours are bright and stunning. The sun sets quickly and the nights are dark even in the summer. Pine covered mountains plunge down to a craggy coastline framed by deep blue water which turns gradually into clear turquoise and golden sand before it completes its task of mapping out the land.

Sun, fruit, sea, mountains, neolithic pots, ancient amphitheatres with contemporary performances, colonial architecture covering floors of intricately patterned encaustic tiles.

All this influences the colours I choose and shapes I design. These experiences during my formative years helped me search for similar sources in the countries I subsequently lived in, adapting my work to cultural and geographic surroundings, merging new experiences with those of the past and moving on into creating new work.