Atelier Maracuja - artist Athena van Dongen



“Unearthing” Exploring Identity & Diversity

“Working together artistically unites people. It breaks down barriers and brings out the positive side of human nature. A finished art work which stands as living proof of this collaboration is a ‘gift’ with a message to us all.” - Athena Ierodiaconou Van Dongen - Unearthing My Past

The project “Unearthing” is mainly for primary and secondary school pupils, art specialists and educationalists, in all of Cyprus (ie both sides of the divide). The Art Project consists of 4 separate workshops using 3D and 2D techniques as well as language, providing the opportunity to work together, ask questions, listen, talk, understand and create whilst exploring the issues around identity and biodiversity.

The workshops will be based on the personal project “Unearthing My Past” by Cypriot artist Athena Ierodiaconou van Dongen, currently based in the Netherlands. Specific and small parts of her work will act as a platform from which participants can launch their own thoughts, discuss problems and ideas and create. The work from all 4 workshops eventually comes together and is curated as one exhibition..

Athena Ierodiaconou van Dongen will be exhibiting “Unearthing My Past” at the Centre For Visual Arts and Research (CVAR/Severis Foundation) in Nicosia, from October 15th to 29th 2021.

The workshops will take place at the CVAR/Severis Foundation in Nicosia on Saturday 16th and 23rd October 2021 and the work will be exhibited on the evening of Friday 29th October 2021.

Workshop Coordinator
Jenny Sophoclides Brown
+ 357 96540456




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